Carol Matz has composed, authored, and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. She has presented numerous workshops for piano teachers worldwide. Carol is well known for her “Interactive Piano Method” as well as the “Famous & Fun” series.

Cascade Method is a revolutionary way to teach piano. Through our trusted piano teacher program, growing piano book collection, proven piano reading tool, and endless fun-filled games, we are truly here to serve as your resource for all things piano!

Add excitement to your studio with incentive programs, theory games and hands-on teaching tools.  Easily use your iPad or tablet effectively with Music Theory AppMap!

Music for Young Children® has been teaching children from the ages of 2-10 the foundation of music education and piano playing, in a group situation, for 41 years. Today there are over 800 locations on 3 continents, confirming that we are an international leading quality program for early childhood music education.

Musicology is a peer-to-peer video conference platform for teaching music easily online. Teacher controlled and student enabled with all collaborative teachers designed specifically for piano pedagogy. Layered sound allows singing, clapping and playing at the same time much like an in-person lesson. Musicology is built to empower the non-power user!

We help piano teachers engage and motivate their students by coaching them to use the Whole Body Learning approach, teaching success guides and backing tracks so they can accelerate their teaching success and earn more. We do this through our Online TV show and Membership program.

TimeWarp Technologies was there when you needed crucial resources during the pandemic:

• Classroom Maestro—visual and conceptual instruction• Internet MIDI—Internet connection to your student’s piano• SuperScore—the most advanced music viewer on the planet• Home Concert Extreme—interactive MIDI file player

The journey has only just begun!

SproutBeat is an innovative online tool for teachers. 3000+ games and worksheets allow teachers to customize theory lessons for each student. With the built-in writing tools for the worksheets, printing is optional. Instant feedback in the games allows for self corrections, and assignments are graded automatically. SproutBeat is available for all devices.

Key Awareness – a Multi-sensory Approach
  • 12-sided Major-Minor Dice + Flashcards  – separately for drills, or together for the “Signature Shake-up!” game
  • Relative Major/Minor Slider – see and hear how major and minor scales are  “related”
  • Functions First! Activity Pages – kinesthetic and improvisational exercises for I and V7 harmonic rhythm and chord spelling

Here is a quick overview of what you can find in my Cascade Method Program! In addition to the actual course, you will gain access to everything I create. As one of our own teachers said, “It’s like Aladdin’s cave in there!” If you’ve seen Aladdin, then that should give you a little idea of what’s to come! You’ll have access to the PDF’s of my 15 piano books, games, sheet music, boom cards, and more!

Meet our team of teachers who have created solutions to save you time, help make your teaching more effective and fun.

President and International Director, Olivia Riddell talks about the MYC program.  Learn more at about our program and check out our course sampler:

A walk through the features of Musicology in a step-by-step introduction.

Helping Piano Teachers Make a Difference
Imagine engaging your students, helping them develop playing, reading and aural skills simultaneously. Create activities for any piece that are fun, enjoyable and keep them wanting to play. Find out about the neuroscience around how we learn and place memories in the brain, so students remember what they’ve learnt from week to week.

The Most Advanced Sheet Music Viewer on the Planet• Unique Liquid Music Notation Display• Change the music size music instantly• Show and hide parts at will• Embedded Performances• Interactive Features for Learning and Performing• Integrates Your PDF and SuperScore Libraries• FREE Download from the App Store on the iPad

See what SproutBeat can add to your teaching. Check out samples from our library and neat features in the application. Having an extensive library to find what you need in seconds during lessons.

Let the harmonic tension in classical excerpts speak for itself!
20 short kinesthetic and improvisation activities
Plug into student’s regular lesson time
Teach tension/release, chord tone spelling, authentic & half cadences, pedal point, V7/V…
without saying a word!

The Cascade Method Program is designed for piano teachers who want use fun and modern methods in their studio! Become the best teacher you can be, inspiring your students to develop a lifelong passion for creating music through fun teaching techniques all while growing your piano business to have a waitlist!

Join Michelle Sisler and Sally Ritchie as they share ideas for using your in person or online lesson time effectively. Improve your student’s theory skills through hands-on activities and games, enhance lessons with technology, motivate students and add diversity through world music and music history.

MYC teacher, Carol Coutts shares why she loves teaching the MYC program for the past 38 years!

Join Rebecca Featherstone, the CEO and creator of Musicology as she walks through its features including multi-cameras, whiteboard, file upload, annotations, drag-and-drop musical palette, screen share with share audio and iPad, MIDI piano keyboard, animated emojis and more!

What is Whole Body Learning?
Whole Body Learning is an approach to teaching that offers you fresh ideas and resources that are practical, fun, and work with students of all ages. WBL strategies are based on the latest neurological research and can be incorporated with any tutor or method book. Join the Whole Body Learning revolution.

Your students spend more time teaching themselves than being taught by you. How well equipped are they for this task?

This lively session explores next-generation tools for in-person and online teaching as well as for independent student learning at home. It’s time to take your studio to the next level!

Learn to Compose for Your Piano Students!
(Plus Overview of “Interactive Piano Method”)
I’ve often been asked about my composing process for piano students… this presentation includes information, strategies, and tips so that piano teachers can learn how to compose for their students, or even self-publish! Additionally, there’s a brief overview of the “Interactive Piano Method” as well as a 30% special coupon code for all MEC attendees.