2016 – 2020

Best of MEC: Business

Davis Dorrough & Angela Marshall
How to Survive and Thrive as a Modern Music Teacher

Davis Dorrough & Angela Marshall
Efficient Business Practices: Save Time, Reduce Stress & Have More Fun

Davis Dorrough & Angela Marshall
Creative Marketing for Independent Teachers

David Love
Marketing Magic to Make Your Studio Sparkle

Jennifer Foxx
Administration Frustration

Best of MEC: Composition

Wynn Anne Rossi
Seeds of Imagination

Carol Matz
For Teachers Who Want to Compose

Carol Matz
Teaching Composition with Modes

Charlene Jarvis
A Practical Guide to Coaching Early Composition

Carol Matz
Teaching Composition to Young Students

Best of MEC: Off the Bench and Technology

Rosemarie Penner
Who Says You Need to Stay On the Bench

Lori Frazer
What Do I Do with these MIDI Accompaniment Tracks?

Penny Lazarus
Teaching Expressive Communication Using Silent Movie Projects

Nicole Douglas
Instilling Imagery that Inspires

Stella Sick
Benefits of Video Based Lessons

Chris Madden
Motivating the 21st Century Piano Student: Why Prizes Can Backfire

Jennifer Stadler
Green Screen Effects

Mario Ajero
Developing Listening and Rhythmic Skills with Popular Music

Best of MEC: Pedagogy and Performance

Fred Karpoff
Little Hands: Establishing Great Technique from the Beginning

Lynn Worcester Jones
Repertoire Swaps: Advocating for Women Composers

Thomas Lanners
Finding Imaginative Ways to Illustrate Any Concept

Jennifer Eklund
Fired Up for Teaching Teens

Kris Skaletski
The Advantages of Teaching Preschoolers: Practical Tips

Dr. Pamela Pike
Working with Adults: Facilitating Music Making Throughout the Lifespan

Susan Ogilvy
Being Present in the Piano Lesson

Sara Ernst
Improve Your Teaching Effectiveness

Shana Kirk and Michelle Sisler
Exciting and Novel Ways for Students to Engage Their Audience

Bradley Sowash
Developing Chord Fluency

Thomas Lanners
Practicing with Presence

Julia Sansone
Creating Music Addicts: The Psychology Behind a Highly Successful Music Studio

Sarah Lyngra
Teaching Uphill: Making Progress when Students are Over-Scheduled

Dr. Pamela Pike
Practice Tips

Scott McBride Smith
Coping with Parents

Thomas Lanners
Hearing Voices?  Addressing Balancing Voices in Pianistic Textures

Dr. Pamela Pike
Sight Reading Strategies for the Beginning and Int. Student

Dr. Kevin Olson
Teaching and Retaining the Post Millennial Piano Student

Alejandro Cremaschi
Developing a Sense for Rhythm and Timing with Latin American Pieces

Best of MEC: Music History

Arthur Houle and George Litterst
The Unknown Clementi Sonatinas

George Litterst and Stella Sick
The Lives and Times of Women Who Dared to Compose

Stella Sick and George Litterst
Music in the Homes of the 19th Century

Chris Madden
The Life & Works of Spanish Composer Frederic Mompou

George Litterst and Stella Sick
Inspiring Histories of Masterworks for Young Children

Best of MEC: Teaching Groups

Dr. Pamela Pike
Keyboard Ensembles: Fun and Engagement for All

Debra Perez
Challenges and Solutions in Groups: 5 Important Topics We All Encounter

Lynnette Barney
The Magic of Mixing it Up: Effective Learning of Groups of Mixed Ages & Levels

Marie Lee
Apps to Ignite and Involve Your Students in Group Learning

Sandy Triplett, Janice Jensen, Leah Drake, Rita Hovanesian
Tried and True Tips for Group Piano

Susan Ogilvy
Digital Keyboard Ensembles: What are the Benefits?

Thomas Lanners
Conduct Productive Studio Classes for Students of All Ages