The Unknown Clementi Sonatinas

presented by Arthur Houle and George Litterst (2020)
In 1797, Muzio Clementi published his famous “Six Progressive Sonatinas for the Piano Forte, Op. 36,” works that are widely known and studied. Interestingly, these works were published at least 8 times by Clementi’s publishing company. Over the course of time, errors and corrections were introduced. Then, in about 1815, Clementi published a so-called “5th Edition” with “considerable improvements by the author.” These fascinating and sometimes radical “improvements” are rarely seen in contemporary publications. They were inspired in large part by the increase in range of the pianoforte from 5 to 5 ½ octaves. This lively session will cover the music, Clementi’s musical innovations, and his amazing role in the history of music as performer, educator, composer, publisher, and piano manufacturer.

Music in the Homes of the 19th Century

presented by George Litterst and Stella Sick (2020)
Join Stella and George as they travel back in time to the music salons of the 19th century. Immerse yourself in the fashionable music of the day written for amateurs and skilled players! This was a time of imagination and enchantment. Light the candelabra on your piano and enjoy this journey through some of the most delightful music of the era—composed and performed by women and men.

The Lives and Times of Women Who Dared to Compose

presented by George Litterst and Stella Sick (2019)
They went by many names: Cecilia, Helénè, Fanny, Marianne, Maria, and Amy. Although sometimes praised for their musical talent during their youth, they typically discovered that the life of a composer was reserved for a man. Nonetheless, they composed anyway. Some of these works have been lost to the winds of time, and others have been covered by the dust of obscurity. However, the stories of these remarkable women deserve to be told.  Join Stella and George for an intimate visit to the homes, music rooms, and salons of these composers and learn what musical treasures await you!

The Life and Works of Frederic Mompou

presented by Chris Madden (2019)
Catalan composer Federico Mompou belongs to a generation of Spanish composers often neglected by teachers and performers.  Mompou’s ability to write piano miniatures that evoke the sounds of Spain makes his pieces particularly attractive for late intermediate through advanced pianists.  In addition to offering suggestions for student repertoire, this workshop will feature recordings of Mompou performing his own compositions.