Benefits of Video Based Lessons

presented by Stella Sick (2021)
Why use video in your teaching?  Stella will share kinds of video and their intended purpose, ways to share your video and give hardware and software suggestions so you can successful use video in your teaching.

What Do I Do with these MIDI Accompaniment Tracks?

presented by Lori Frazer (2018)
This workshop will explore the many ways to use both midi and audio file accompaniments. Covering everything from where can I find these backing tracks, to how can I get them to my device, the emphasis will be on the value these files can bring to your studio, and how to get the maximum value from them. Federation teachers may find this interesting, as many new accompaniment backgrounds have recently been made available to help enhance the student’s enjoyment and learning of Federation materials.

Teaching Expressive Communication Using Silent Movie Projects in the Music Studio

presented by Penny Lazarus (2020)
Internet technology allows instant access to the forgotten art of accompanying silent movies, which is again gaining interest among musicians now that silents are re-mastered and easily available. Wonderful silent movie projects can be used with students of all ages and abilities to teach improvisation, performance skills and how music engages our imagination to tell a story.  We will look at music samples to use with students of all levels, cue sheets, and educational lesson plans.  Watch your students use their own music to create impressive movie sound scores to their delight and and fascination.

Instilling Imagry that Inspires

presented by Nicole Douglas (2020)
Studies have shown that memory retention is higher when facts can be incorporated into stories that give students a multi-sensory image to picture. The more senses engaged, the better the memory. With only 30-60 minutes of lesson time per week, the more imagery a teacher can compact into those minutes, the more effective the practice at home can be. This talk will present imagery-filled metaphors for helping students grasp important piano techniques.

Who Says You Need to Stay on the Bench

presented by Rosemarie Penner (2020)
We all know the best players are on the (piano) bench. But, getting students off the bench has many wonderful benefits! How do we stay pedagogically sound while getting off the bench? Brain research shows that approaching new concepts in many ways deepens learning. And we all have had students that wiggle on the bench. Getting off the bench can be as active or relaxed as you or your student needs. Get ready for a session sure to get you off your seat … and smiling as you learn!

Motivating the 21st Century Piano Student: Why Stickers, Candy and Prizes Can Backfire

presented by Chris Madden (2018)
As piano teachers, our primary goal is to create lifelong musicians. In order to do this, however, it can be helpful to re-examine our long-held beliefs about how to motivate students. By exploring the latest research on motivation, this workshop will demonstrate how traditional behavioral models of motivation can actually undermine our long-term goals. Several alternative motivation strategies beyond the typical play-for-rewards system will be explored.

Green Screen Effects

presented by Jennifer Stadler (2017; updates included)
Imagine your student performing inside Sydney Opera House, at the top of Mount Fuji, or on the rings of Saturn. Seem impossible? It’s not! Using green screen effects, you can transport your students to any place or time without leaving your home studio. All you need is some green material, bright lights, a recording device, and video-editing software. In this session you will learn how easy and affordable it is to create engaging green screen videos. Jennifer will provide a step-by-step guide through the entire process including equipment, setup, and workflow.

Developing Listening and Rhythmic Skills with Popular Music

presented by Mario Ajero (2016)
Mario will cover the merits of teaching popular music to students in order to develop their listening and rhythmic skills in fun and engaging ways. He will show how to utilize popular music to develop students’ aural vocabulary that will translate into making them more well-rounded musicians. Effective uses of digital audio recordings, apps, and other technologies will also be demonstrated so that students have a foundation to excel in music of various genres.