Keyboard Ensembles: Fun and Engagement for All

presented by Dr. Pamela Pike (2020)
Learning to play the piano can be a lonely endeavor.  Pike will discuss the benefits of including keyboard ensembles in curricula for students of all ages. She’ll explore specific musical and technical skills that can be developed in rehearsal and performance from piano duets and trios to larger multi-part keyboard ensembles.The session will feature music that can be adapted or used in any studio. Some of the examples can be played on one piano, while other examples will require two pianos or even multiple keyboards. The session will feature video of students rehearsing and performing, and a handout offers an excellent reference list and resources for locating additional ensembles.

Challenges and Solutions in Groups: 5 Important Topics We All Encounter

presented by Debra Perez (2020)
When we make changes to our studios and enjoy developing new ways of teaching, challenges will appear.  And I love discovering solutions! So, please join me as I share practical and doable ways to create positive outcomes for these 5 important topics. 1. Parents: How do I create supportive and committed parents for my group program? 2. Curriculum: Where do I start when deciding on group piano curriculum? 3. Adults:  Why is it so hard to form and keep my adult classes? 4. Classroom management: This topic scares me!  Where do I begin? 5. Recitals: Should I be presenting different types of performances for my groups?

The Magic of Mixing it Up: Effective Learning in Groups of Mixed Ages and Levels

presented by Lynnette Barney (2020)
It’s great when students in groups are similar ages and levels, but what can you do when they aren’t? When siblings come together or students pull ahead or lag behind, how do you keep everyone engaged and learning? Discover ideas, games, and activities for teaching and reviewing in groups of mixed ages and levels. Put these ideas right to use in group lessons, summer camps, and wherever students are learning and playing together.

Technology in Teaching: Apps to Ignite and Involve Your Students in Group Learning

presented by Marie Lee (2020)
Are you ready to incorporate technology in your group studio? Unsure how to use music apps in your classes while engaging all students at the same time? In this session we’ll explore my favorite apps and techniques to use them in your group teaching. We’ll also cover different options of projecting the app for all to see.

Tried and True Tips for Group Piano

presented by Leah Drake, Sandy Triplett, Rita Hovanesian, Janice Jensen (led by Debra Perez) 2020
Join these group piano experts as they share their tips, success stories, challenges, and strategies to help you be successful in your group teaching.

Digital Keyboard Ensembles: What are the Benefits?

presented by Susan Ogilvy (2019)
We will explore what makes up a Digital Keyboard Ensemble and its place in today’s piano student experience. How are Ensembles valuable and why? What are the benefits for the student and for the teacher as well? How is this digital ensemble experience relative to the 21st century piano student? Please join me for some insightful answers to these questions!

Conduct Productive Studio Classes for Students of All Ages

presented by Thomas Lanners (2016)
Studio classes are akin to private lessons, but require a higher level of engaging communication and a distinct teaching approach. Thomas will show how to create valuable and enjoyable educational experiences through periodic studio classses to supplement weekly lessons. Learn how to share valuable information with everyone present by projecting your voice, utilizing inclusive body language and gestures, asking questions and opinions of all, and addressing musical and technical issues that resonate with all students, regardless of their current playing level.